Oregon Tide Gates

Oregon Tide Gates


Our goal is to develop a voluntary, collaboration-based action plan for tide gate repair and replacement that is cost effective, efficient to implement and is supported by tide gate owners, regulatory agencies, and organizations providing technical assistance and funding.



The tide gate steering committee has established a funding subcommittee.  This group will propose possible funding strategies to submit to the Steering Committee and eventually to the larger Partnership Group.  It is anticipated that the workload for Tide Gate repair/replacement/removal is going to substantially increase in the next few years as the inventory is completed and priority projects are identified.


OWEB has convened a small work group of agencies to review current federal, state and local regulations affecting tide gates.  This work group is working on ways to streamline the process for permitting a tide gate project.


As a result of coordination with the tide gate work group, OWEB has contracted with Oregon State University to conduct an inventory of tide gates along the Oregon coast and the lower Columbia River.  This inventory will give a clearer picture of the number and condition of tide gates.  Collecting of the inventory data is being done using public information currently available.  Estimated completion of this inventory is the end of 2018.