Outreach Meetings

In December of 2017 four Outreach Meetings were held around failing tide gates in Clatsop/Columbia County area, Tillamook County area, Lincoln County area, and Coos/Curry County area.

Meeting follow up materials

Report to the Tide Gate Partnership Group

Letter to Outreach Meeting Participants

Oregon Tide Gate Process Map

Tide Gate Partnership

The Tide Gate Partnership is composed of Tide Gate Stakeholders who attend periodic meetings designed to provide a forum for: mutual communication and education of issues surrounding tide gates, review and discuss policy issues connected to Tide Gates such as inventories, funding, permitting, and engineering, and recommendations for next steps.

Upcoming Tide Gate Partnership Meetings:


Tide Gate Steering Committee Meetings

The Tide Gate Steering Committee is composed of Stakeholders who have been delegated the task to coordinate the activities developed by the Partnership to address tide gate issues including: appointing work groups to address specific issues and tasks, providing a place to coordinate agency activities, identifying pilot projects to test strategies, and developing recommendations to the Partnership and the Governor's Office, regarding next steps.

Tide Gate Communication and Outreach

The Tide Gate Public Communication and Outreach group is composed of stakeholders and citizens who are interested in tide gates and want to be kept informed about the work of the Partnership Group and Steering Committee, in addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with them. This group is also interested in any resources that are available to them in furthering their own or their organizations' interests in dealing with tide gates. 

Inventory Group

As a result of coordination with the tide gate work group, OWEB has contracted with Oregon State University to conduct an inventory of tide gates along the Oregon coast and the lower Columbia River. This inventory will give a clearer picture of the number and condition of tide gates. Collecting of the inventory data is being done using public information currently available. Estimated completion of this inventory is the end of 2018


Regulatory Group

OWEB has convened a small work group of agencies to review current federal, state, and local regulations affecting tide gates. This work group is working on ways to streamline the process for permitting a tide gate project.

Tillamook Tide Gate Outreach Meetings. December 2017.  Photos by Brad Mosher. Tillamook Headlight Herald


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