The Tide Gate Partnership

The Tide Gate Partnership includes a group of dedicated county commissioners, agriculture and conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and tide gate owners. A steering committee, comprised of partnership representatives, helps to establish priorities for future work, solicits input from stakeholders, and reports back on progress to the full partnership.

Partnership Priorities

Aging tide gates and associated drainage infrastructure is a growing challenge in Oregon as much of this infrastructure has exceeded its design life and is at risk of failure. To protect communities and key infrastructure, grant and loan funding is needed for the repair and replacement of tide gates, culverts, and associated drainage system infrastructure.

Engineering & Design Resources
All engineering designs for tide gate upgrade projects must meet local, state, and federal regulatory requirements to construct the project. Design options must meet requirements for fish passage, but the preparation of engineering plans can be challenging and costly. Resources to help reduce the cost of project engineering are needed.

Regulatory Clarity & Coordination
The regulatory review and permitting process can be challenging and time-consuming to navigate. To alleviate those challenges, the Tide Gate Partnership set out to develop an inter-agency team to review existing regulatory processes and develop a coordinated regulatory approach to tide gate projects that clearly identifies the regulatory steps, information needs, and decision points for tide gate owners to understand the permitting process more easily.


September 2021 Tide Gate Partnership Meeting