What is a Tide Gate?2020-12-27T00:56:53+00:00

In Oregon, tide gates are commonly used to control water in tidally influenced areas along the coast and lower portions of the Columbia River Basin. Traditionally, tide gates are constructed by integrating one-way doors (i.e. the tide gate) into a dike. Freshwater drains from streams above the tide gate during outgoing tides. Water pressure from incoming tides closes the gate, protecting agriculture, infrastructure, and other developed landscapes from tidal inundations. Unfortunately, preventing inundation can also slow or prevent tidal flows into the estuaries, which can impede the migration of native fish, diminish water quality, and reduce estuarine ecological functions.

What are the problems with Tide Gates you are trying to address?2020-12-27T00:57:45+00:00
Where are Tide Gates located? Is there an inventory2021-01-12T23:46:16+00:00

Yes – The inventory was developed using publicly available information, including existing inventories, and Google Earth imagery. The inventory is available here (https://tools.oregonexplorer.info/OE_HtmlViewer/Index.html?viewer=oe#).

NOTE: When you go to the link, select the specific tide gate layers you are interested in under the ‘Water and Air’ layers.

What’s the relationship between Tide Gates and fish passage?2020-12-27T01:08:13+00:00
Who’s working on this matter to help facilitate repairing/replacing failing Tide Gates?2020-12-27T01:08:49+00:00
Is there a lead agency working on this matter? If so, who is it?2021-01-13T00:26:44+00:00
What does the Tide Gate Steering Committee do? Who does the membership represent?2020-12-27T01:09:56+00:00
What does the Tide Gate Partnership Committee do? Who does the membership represent?2020-12-27T01:10:26+00:00
What is the Regulatory Streamlining process?2020-12-27T01:11:06+00:00
What is the Interactive Decision Support Tool?2020-12-27T01:11:32+00:00
What federal, state, Tribes, counties and local agencies are involved?2020-12-27T01:12:10+00:00
When did this process start and what are the outcomes you hope to achieve?2020-12-27T01:12:37+00:00
Who do I contact if I want to learn more about failing tide gates or how to repair or replace one?2020-12-27T01:13:15+00:00
How do I learn more about this effort? i.e. Web information, Watershed Councils, local, state and federal regulations, contractors, etc.2020-12-27T01:13:55+00:00
Can owners of tide gates secure cost-share funding to help them repair/replace a tide gate.2020-12-27T01:14:32+00:00
What are other states doing in this area to repair/replace failing tide gates?2020-12-27T01:14:57+00:00
Where do I find information on who can help me regarding my failing Tide Gate?2020-12-27T01:02:32+00:00
What are the current regulations that affect me if I wish to replace my Tide Gate?2020-12-27T01:41:50+00:00
What is the process that I will have to use to replace my failing Tide Gate?2020-12-27T01:42:20+00:00
Are there cost-share dollars available to help me replace my failing Tide Gate?2020-12-27T01:43:18+00:00
Where can I find information, education and training materials for landowners with tide gates that outline options for me to repair or replace my tide gates?2021-01-13T00:10:03+00:00
Is there a person who can help me through the permitting process, engineering, cost sharing and contracting process? If so, how do I contact them?2020-12-27T01:44:41+00:00
How will I be assurance of regulatory certainty when I replace a tide gate?2020-12-27T01:45:09+00:00
Are there maintenance and repair standards I must comply with if I’m not converting the land use but maintaining the existing land use with replacement of my failing Tide Gate?2021-01-13T00:11:54+00:00
Where can I get information on Tide Gate replacement options for me to repair or replace my tide gates?2021-01-13T00:39:09+00:00
I don’t have the time or patience to go through a complicated Tide Gate replacement process. Where can I get technical support from a group or individual that can help me through the process and write grants to secure additional funding for tide gate replacements?2020-12-27T01:46:17+00:00
Can you provide me: -An outline of what can be done under maintenance and repair as well as what is required to replace a tide gate? -Am I allowed to clean ditches behind tide gates to insure properly functioning systems? -Clarification on where mitigation is required and not required during maintenance activities.2021-01-13T00:18:53+00:00
Can you clarify what constitutes maintenance vs repair/replacement?2020-12-27T01:47:21+00:00
How do I find a professional Tide Gate Contractor?2020-12-27T01:47:47+00:00
Is cost share funding available for landowners to replace or remove a tide gate that have no fish benefits?2020-12-27T01:48:13+00:00
Do I have to recognize sea level rise in engineering solutions so I don’t have to come back and replace tide gates because sea level rise wasn’t considered?2020-12-27T01:48:38+00:00
Is there a General Permit for tide gate replacements?2021-01-13T00:36:56+00:00
Can a landowner get pre-approval in advance so I don’t have to wait so long to secure the necessary permits when a tide gate needs replacement?2021-01-13T00:23:04+00:00
Is there a lead agency or single point of contact at the state and federal level to help be an advocate or an ombudsman to help landowners through regulatory maze?2021-01-13T00:24:42+00:00
Is there a simplified permit developed for emergency repairs?2020-12-27T01:49:58+00:00
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